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    Geocaching – Technology and 21st Century Fun

    In this day and age, while technology rules the roost, getting our kids outdoors can be difficult. Surfing the Web on Ipads, “connecting” with friends through social media apps on smartphones, or (if you’re old-school) playing games on Xbox or PlayStation, often takes preference over getting out, running around, rolling on the grass and jumping in the pool. I for one don’t like seeing my kids stuck inside when they could be enjoying the great outdoors and making memories. I have nothing against technology, however, I do feel that there needs to be a balance between incorporating it into our daily lives alongside good old fashioned Gross-Motor activities. If you’re…

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    Why I Always Cry When Milestones Are Reached!

    I sit here, on yet another monumental day, thinking to myself: how on earth do we parents process all the emotions that pump through our veins? The bewildering mix of great pride when something new is learnt, terrible fear about an uncertain future, blood-curdling anger at bad behaviour, unbridled joy when we hear our children laugh and so many other emotions that course through our veins on a daily basis – all mixed together in a bowl called love deep, immeasurable, unconditional, life-changing and life-giving LOVE. Every thought, every feeling that our children inflict upon evoke within us, is intense and I often wonder how we parents survive that. Yesterday my…

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    Can You Find The Clues – Treasure Run – Review

    Two weeks left until the school year starts…. We’re on the home-stretch and we’ve been running full steam ahead, trying to make it a fun and exciting Summer for the kids. And I’ll be honest… It’s been great! But 12 weeks is a heck of a long time to try and keep the kids occupied. So you can imagine my relief when I was contacted by Treasure Run. YES! An activity that would help me survive yet another day of Summer Vacation 🙂 Treasure Run was created by father of 2, Ilan. In his quest to  give children something exciting and adventurous to do. It’s a small, family owned business.…