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    7 Day Emotional Detox

    Living in a society that is so vocal about the importance of healthy living, one would think that the emotional side of this “healthy living” would take up the same volume of vocal space. Sadly, however, it seems to me that many people are concerned with being physically healthy (being thin enough, pretty enough, etc. spending thousands on plastic surgery, botox, hair, nails, clothes, etc.), while ignoring the value of being emotionally healthy. Now I’m not saying that looking after your body is bad – of course not – it is imperative! But I am saying that I think that there should be a more holistic view of what “healthy…

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    Need Inspiration For Summer ?? Here’s my SIMPLE SUMMER LIST!

    This is my first 12 week Summer vacation. And I must admit, I’m getting heart palpitations just thinking about it! 12 weeks. 4 kids. And… ME What’s a mother to do? Usually during Summer I picture myself sipping Margarita’s in the sun, getting my groove on. Right now I’m seeing a very different picture. Sadly, no time for Margarita’s, maybe 😉 but there will be lots of time for fun in the sun. The thing about vacation time is that you want it to be as relaxed as possible. I sure don’t want to spend hours downloading and preparing things off pinterest! I also don’t want to have to ENTERTAIN…

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    Easter Sundays

    Easter is a very special time for my family! It is a time where we are reminded of all our blessings. For me, that is my family! Every year at Easter we come home from church, the children are eager to begin their Easter egg hunt, and then we sit down to a large lunch. A roast lamb and all the trimmings. This year it’s a little different. All our family are back in South Africa. It is at times like these that we are more mindful of the people we love and care for, those that might not be with us anymore or those that might live far away.…