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    Overcoming Feelings of Un-Appreciation!

    Whether you just happened to stumble upon this post or have come here from my Letters Of Lace series. Know that you are in the company of a good friend! There are seasons in life when our acts of service go unnoticed, when our kindness is accepted but not appreciated, when “thank you” and “I’m grateful” are phrases we hardly ever hear. In these seasons we feel a sense of meaninglessness – that who we are, and what we do doesn’t have real value. Perhaps you’re going through a season like this right now… Sometimes we wear a smile for the world. When in actual fact all we want to do is…

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    Surviving My Insecurities

    Most people who know me would probably say that I am an outspoken woman and a little opinionated (okay, maybe more than a ‘little’)… I have strong convictions and beliefs, and I tend to wear them on my sleeve. Loudly! However, what most people don’t know is that I am incredibly insecure. I’m not even sure that I could pinpoint where it comes from. I guess I’ve learnt how to hide it well. Most of the time… There are so many things that we women are insecure about. Our bodies, personalities, talents, relationships, the list is endless. I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but if you can show…

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    The Everlasting Impact Of A Father

    Growing up without a father meant that, among other things, I always found it difficult to understand and appreciate the dynamics and beauty of a relationship between a father and his child(ren)… That is, until I got married. It was a strange sight to see. The love and adoration my kids feel for this man that holds my heart! To be honest, I still struggle to fully understand it. I never knew it as a child, so it still surprises me a little when I see the unbridled love and affection my kids have for their father. My lack of understanding notwithstanding, it’s a beautiful sight to behold! Relationship I…

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    My Family And Our Painful Truth

    That moment… you look into each others’ eyes, you say I do, and for those few seconds, time stops…  Absolute bliss, perfect romance, pure delight and unwavering love (family). The next few years seem to rush by in a flash. You make a home, putting your own unique touch on everything from furniture to cutlery. You embark on new adventures and explore all sorts of new experiences. Finally, when you both decide you’re as ready as you’ll ever be the time comes to start A FAMILY. Well, it didn’t quite work out like that for me. When my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby the excitement took over… It…

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    Forgive Me Son

    My son and I had a defining moment this week. Those moments that make you think and feel so deeply it’s almost unfathomable. You can’t explain it, really, you just know that this moment will change your life. This is exactly how I felt with my son this week. Well, I had a moment just like that a few weeks back. My 4-year-old was driving me up the wall. He was “Tigger” personified… It was bounce, bounce here, roar, roar there… I just knew it was going to be one of THOSE days. After many warnings, I had just had enough. My voice got louder and my words got harder.…