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    The Pee Files #5 –

    A good few weeks have passed since I last wrote… As most of you know, our house is in utter chaos at the moment! We left the US on June 8th, and our container of furniture and household items only arrived 4 days ago. Adding to our craziness is the fact that my husband (darling of note!) decided to get the kids a puppy… OK, she is adorable, I have to admit, but it’s like having another baby in the house (like I need that:) ). And to top it all off, I decided to start potty training my almost 3 yo. Don’t ask me why? I should be a…

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    Pappa, Thank You is Not Enough

    So often, as a mother, I find myself running through my daily routine… focused like a well-trained sniper on the kids and all that needs to be done. In the hours of the day it’s all about who’s been fed, dressed, have you brushed you teeth,let’s do homework, tidy your rooms, etc… Has the house been cleaned, laundry done, appointments and deadlines met. (You get the point.) But then there comes this day – Father’s Day – and all of a sudden our focus needs to move to another person… Yup, that’s you Pappa. It’s then that we seem to “all of a sudden” think about all you do, and that’s sad,…

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    My “Momster” – in law

    On Mother’s Day, we sometimes get so caught up in thanking our own mothers, grandmothers, aunts etc. that sometimes we forget about another special person… our Mother-In-Law. We forget that she spent just as much time, love, and care in her own household, raising that special person that we love with all our hearts. I know that there are many who either dislike or do not get along with their “Momster-in-law”, however that is not the case for me. I am fortunate enough to have the greatest relationship with mine. Sometimes we have disagreed, and there have been times when we have silently been upset with each other. But there…

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    An Ode To My Sleep

    After the last couple of nights with little sleep, I sit here wide awake with my much needed JUG of coffee. You see, recently my sweet little angel child (1) decided that it is the funniest thing to wake the entire household around 4:30… every morning! What to do? It is times like these that I need to find my own little sacred space and  transport myself to a place of sweetly perfumed memories of uninterrupted sleep. So here goes; “An Ode To Sleep!” Hello sleep, my old friend I’ve come to dream of you again Because a vision so encompassing Makes me wonder where on earth I’ve been And…

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    Let’s Play

    Do we play with our children, like really PLAY!? Get down on our knees, forget we are grownups, and REALLY PLAY? So… today I woke up and decided that I was going to rebel! I was going to rebel against cleaning, washing, laundry and any of my “grown-up” responsibilities. It was going to be a PLAY DAY! Often we find ourselves so consumed by the parenting duties that we fall into the trap of being “invisible” to our children. Yes, routine is good, keeping up with our domestic responsibilities is important, and I try to live my life accordingly, but I also believe that sometimes we just need to rebel…

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    The Everlasting Impact Of A Father

    Growing up without a father meant that, among other things, I always found it difficult to understand and appreciate the dynamics and beauty of a relationship between a father and his child(ren)… That is, until I got married. It was a strange sight to see. The love and adoration my kids feel for this man that holds my heart! To be honest, I still struggle to fully understand it. I never knew it as a child, so it still surprises me a little when I see the unbridled love and affection my kids have for their father. My lack of understanding notwithstanding, it’s a beautiful sight to behold! Relationship I…