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    Crafting With Wine

    The one thing I really love about my kids starting school is the fact that I get to meet other moms with similar aged children. Moving to a new country is tough enough just from a pure logistics point of view… Add the challenge of trying to find new friends (for you and your kids) to the mix, and you suddenly have an exponentially more complex situation. My eldest was in kindergarten this year, and I was fortunate enough to meet some really awesome ladies. So when one of the moms suggested we get together and do some crafting – with a little wine on the side – BOOM! Perfect combo……

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    Pumpkin Pie – American Style

    Everyone has an image in mind of what America can offer them. Call it the “American Dream”, or the allure of the “Wild West”, call it whatever you like… Most people have, at some, stage wondered what life in the US might be like… Especially as a foreigner. I’ll be honest!! When we immigrated to the US there were many possibilities that captured my imagination. But I was never prepared for what lay ahead… So, one night shortly after our arrival, we hosted a Pampered Chef party at our new home. We invited a bunch of new friends and prepared ourselves to cook dinner (that’s what you do when you host a…