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    Overcoming Feelings of Un-Appreciation!

    Whether you just happened to stumble upon this post or have come here from my Letters Of Lace series. Know that you are in the company of a good friend! There are seasons in life when our acts of service go unnoticed, when our kindness is accepted but not appreciated, when “thank you” and “I’m grateful” are phrases we hardly ever hear. In these seasons we feel a sense of meaninglessness – that who we are, and what we do doesn’t have real value. Perhaps you’re going through a season like this right now… Sometimes we wear a smile for the world. When in actual fact all we want to do is…

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    To The Woman Who Feels Unappreciated

    In this new series, entitled I will be touching on themes and topics that explore some of the more desperate things we women struggle with. Difficult and dark experiences that drain every last ounce of our strength, and leave us feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and misunderstood. My aim is to write to the “Woman” who is experiencing this present darkness, to offer some comfort and help restore her hope. Dear unappreciated woman, I heard you the other day. Telling yourself that you shouldn’t expect to be thanked because this is what you signed up for – it’s your job, your role, your purpose – so get on with it. I saw you…