What exactly is SuperSkills?

Well“We created a Superskills box to proliferate [pro-lif-uh-rayt] advanced vocabulary building in an easy-to-use 4-minutes-a-day word-building tool pack. Our monthly subscription plan provides children the tools to create and build their own success based on their strengthening SUPERPOWER” – SuperSkills team

“Superskills Box is a monthly subscription box for children age 8 & above. It aims to help children be successful from a very young age by giving them an easy 4-minute-a-day way to learn sophisticated vocabulary words. Results are better and faster reading & understanding, increased imagination, creativity and curiosity, and high SAT scores. All key success factors for any child

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What does SuperSkills hope to inspire in children?

  • spell better, write better, and speak better
  • understand texts faster and with less effort
  • understand math problems better and faster
  • read faster and with less effort
  • improve testing and test scores
  • more time to think on tests
  • improve their (public) speaking skills, speech & debate skills
  • expand argumentation & discussion skills
  • enhance project and thesis writing & creative writing general
  • business plans will become easier to make and much more clearly formulated.

What’s inside the Box?

  • 2 sets of cards – one with words (pronunciation) – one with an explanation of the said word.
  • The Genius Edition book with word searches, Brain Boosters, quizzes, and more!
  • A map of how to use all these awesome goodies! Games and More
  • Stickers and a fridge magnet!

Why invest in SuperSkills? – Your Children Will …

  • learn more easily
  • have better focus
  • express themselves more clearly and precisely
  • grow their creativity and imagination
  • have more self-confidence
  • gain respect from teachers and peers
  • become avid readers
  • become examples to peers
  • be more successful overall with less effort

I personally found this little box a gem and look forward to watching my children’s love for language grow!!!

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Disclaimer –  I received a sample box of SuperSkills in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.