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Summer Boredom Buster 2 – WATER

BB #2There is nothing more exciting in Summer than water.

After our first winter here in Michigan. We were so EAGER (an understatement) to get out of the house! Coming from South Africa, where the weather is almost always sunny, we are so used to getting out and enjoying the sun.

Our first winter was a little difficult for us, but mainly for the kids. Who were not used to being “cooped” up inside for so long. But we survived. And as soon as the snow dissipated, and it was warm enough to spend a few hours outdoors, we fired up the Braai (grill)…

My kids love water, and it’s one of the most cost effective and fun ways to keep them entertained… FOR HOURS!!! I’ve put together a list of all our favorite water activities!  P.S. Don’t forget the Sunscreen! No expensive toys, costly outings, or TV needed. Just an imagination… Just the way I like it: SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE.

Water Play Fun (1)


So get out and enjoy Summer.

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