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SOMETHING has to be done?!


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This really breaks my heart. 16 Mass shooting addresses? Trevor Noah, (whom we were fortunate enough to see live just this Saturday) brings up some interesting points.

“I wonder if President Obama ever thought to himself that mass shooting speeches would be such a large part of his job. At this point, he’s hosted 12 State Dinners, but has had to make 16 mass shooting addresses.”

No connection between gun laws and terrorism?

Toddlers have shot 23 people so far this year.

Should America protect its country and citizens, or should the President prepare speech no.17?

Trevor Noah gives this analogy!

“When I was young I didn’t tie my shoelaces… I would run around I would trip on my shoelaces I would fall down and cry. ‘Mommy! Mommy! I fell!’ And my mother would ask, ‘why did you fall?’ ‘Because I tripped.’ ‘Why did you trip?’And she goes, ‘your shoelaces.’ And we realized I fell because of my shoelaces. I’ll tie them then move on. I could’ve said, ‘Mom why are you bringing shoelaces into this conversation? Why are you blaming the shoelaces for something the sidewalk did to my knees? Who even says there’s a connection between anti-shoelaces and falling anyway? You’re violating my right to keep my shoelaces untied!’ I didn’t say that… I realized after falling, after falling a lot, that there was a connection between leaving my shoelaces untied and getting hurt.”

SO.. What’s the bottom line.. In Trevor Noah’s words..

“America needs to make it a lot harder for people who shouldn’t have guns, to get guns.”

What are your thoughts?

With Love 

One Messy Mama




  • Daile

    I think that people who shouldn’t have guns should not have them. But I think figuring out who these people are is more difficult than we realize. Its so sad that this is the world that we live in. Thanks for sharing #bigpinklink

    • jaxbest4

      You are so right Daile. This is such a difficult topic. However, a solution is needed. Here’s hoping a resolution is found soon. Thank you for commenting! X

  • This Mum's Life

    That was a fabulous video, and he makes some excellent points through his analogies. I wonder if president Obama really DID ever realise that these addresses would be such a huge part of his role. I’m just so sad for the world we live in, and for anyone who loses their life, and for their families to these heinous crimes. In the uk, the gun laws are incredibly strict, and I’ve actually never met anyone in my entire life who has owned one. Incidence of violent crime involving guns is also low. The US does need a radical overhaul of its laws, but, like someone else has commented, if guns are easily accessible, working out who shouldn’t be having them is a very hard thing to implement. x

  • ShoeboxofM

    Even if there are civilians that need guns they probably don’t need assault rifles. If they are on a terrorist watch list then it’s safe to say they don’t need an assault rifle. The clue is very much in the title. It’s not intended as a weapon for self defence or recreational use.

  • Mudpie Fridays

    I had no idea that toddlers have shot 23 people! It beggars belief?! I completely agree I guess the issue is trying to identify who these people are and getting the support of everyone to make sure it happens? Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week X

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