What is it with kids and their secret (sometimes not so secret) love of pee!?!?

Just the other night, Bum and Daisy were in the bath. I quickly went to fetch their pj’s and heard this shriek of laughter and giggling. (I love that sound) SO… I walk back in and to my utter horror disbelief, there was Bum (now picture this) STANDING and trying to catch her “pee” in her hands. Her hands of all things. Her sister was practically drowning in laughter.

They both thought this was the funniest thing to have ever happened. Daisy was wildly amused, head tilted to get a closer look at this man-made waterfall… And as soon as they saw me, there were even more shrieks of laughter, my face must have said it all. I just burst out laughing at this hilarious sight! (Seriously, how else could I respond?)

Needless to say, the water was drained and poured again…

*note to self – make sure Bum has a wee BEFORE climbing in the bath.

Oh, the joys. It really is the small things that make you stop and appreciate what you have! Never a dull moment in our house! I wouldn’t change it for the world!