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Our divinely imperfect big family life

Are we raising racist children?

Our "avoidance " of this topic is doing more harm than good. Racist; a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes

Game Review: Tech Deck Fingerboarding

You can imagine the shrieks of excitement when we received a Tech Deck press drop from Just Fun Toys to review.  #AD What is Tech Deck? Tech Deck is the

Sibling Rivalry Will Be The Death of Me!

I'm not sure what's worse. Being asked for a snack every few minutes, toddler tantrums or siblings that just won't give it a rest! Our family has incredibly good great

Finding Our Joy Again

Finding our joy again. I often catch myself thinking, while watching my children play, how I wish that I could experience that same unbridled JOY that seems to ooze out

Our Lives Are About To Change

These last few months have brought with them so many questions, frustrations and considerations for the future of our family. We've decided to take our children's education into our own

Which Parenting Style Do You Fit Into?

Being raised by baby boomers, parenting took on an entirely different format, it was just that, parenting. There were no definitions, no influx of information. You were raised. Point blank.

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Our divinely imperfect big family life - Jacqui Bester

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