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Our divinely imperfect big family life

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Finding Our Joy Again

Finding our joy again. I often catch myself thinking, while watching my children play, how I wish that I could experience that same unbridled JOY that seems to ooze out

Taking a Fresh Look at Yourself

Taking a Fresh Look at Yourself. A few days ago I wrote a post called the Mother LOAD. In this post, I spoke about how often we are so busy

How I Learned To Survive My Insecurities

I'm surviving my insecurities - Most people who know me would probably say that I am an outspoken woman and a little opinionated (okay, maybe more than a 'little')... I

Go To Bed Already!!

I am amazed at how the brain of a child works... The way they can think up any excuse in a matter of seconds, especially when it comes to bed

Forgive Me Son

My son and I had a defining moment this week. Those moments that make you think and feel so deeply it's almost unfathomable. You can't explain it, really, you just

An Anger Filled Child To A Doting Mom

As a child, I remember crying myself to sleep many nights. Not understanding why I didn't have a father. Broken. My parents got divorced when I was very young, and

Babymoon Holiday Advice?

Babymoon Holiday Advice? - It’s becoming more and more popular for pregnant women to take a holiday (sometimes known as a babymoon) before their bundle of joy arrives. But how

A Fun Summer Activity For Kids

A Fun Summer Activity For Kids - I've been wanting to start a herb garden for a while now. We can grow our own herbs in the eggshells of our

The Joy Finding Bucket List

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about "Finding My Joy Again". In it, I explored the question of whether or not it is possible for a mother to find

Are Breast Milk Lollies Safe?

Are Breast Milk Lollies Safe? Breast milk lollies and soaring temperatures. Summer is still a few months away, and parents will be doing all they can to keep their babies

Emotional Detox

Would you do a 7 Day emotional detox? Living in a society that is so vocal about the importance of healthy living, one would think that the emotional side of

Cooking With Your Child An Act Of Love

Cooking with your child and expressing your love language whilst making tiny hands the best sous chefs. There are five ways people like to experience and give love. Among these

For the NOT so skinny mom

For the not so skinny mom. Here I am, sitting with a cup of coffee at 4 am (because that's what moms do, right?). Not because of kids, this time.

To My Children During Lockdown 2020

The world listened intently to the news of a new virus making its way across the continents. We sat quietly in our home wondering if and when it would hit

Christmas Crunchies

These Crunchies are a huge hit in South Africa, and as a mother of 5 hungry little critters, angels, I often find that I need to whip up a sweet

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