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Never a Bigger Klutz There Was! – FibreFix UV Repair Pen – Review

Now … I am telling you the gospel truth when I say that I am probably the biggest klutz that ever lived.

I somehow manage to break, crack, bump and drop anything from kitchenware to my phone (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shattered my screen). Whenever the sound of something crashing to the floor echoes through the house my poor husband just shakes his head. He tells me to slow down 🙂 But hey, with 4 kids, there’s no time to slow down and still get things done! RIght?

UV Pen 111

So I was super intrigued when I was contacted to write a review for the FibreFix UV Repair Pen. UV? My thoughts exactly. This is amazing!!

Some people might giggle when they hear that a mama is doing a review for a product like this. But, as I hinted at earlier, in my house there is always something that is broken, or chipped, or cracked, and I am sick of throwing things away!

So I did a little investigating of my own… Read a few other reviews, had a look at their YouTube clip (you can watch it here) and I decided to try it out.

I must admit. I was a little confused in the beginning… I didn’t know if it was an adhesive that stuck things together, or a resin/sealer that was used as a filler (for example a chip in your windscreen, etc).  My conclusion; the manufacturer must think that it does it all!

I think the Youtube clip and the covering on the package is a little vague. Someone like myself would like some written instructions on the packaging. That’s why I needed to google it 🙂 The packaging says it repairs. But how do you get it to repair?

UV Pen

I tried to fix my son’s glasses. (Just like on the packaging). But sadly, they are still broken. The glue/resin didn’t seem to adhere once I started shining the UV light on it. I also tried it on a “ding” in our dining room table. But alas…


I’m not sure if my confusion at how it is meant to be administered caused the product to not work as it should have. Or if the product just didn’t work. But I gave up after three attempts.

So, in conclusion. Either the product doesn’t really work, or the packaging needs to be more detailed with regards to instructions and what the buyer can expect to have happen.

What are your thoughts. Have you used FibreFix before with success. Please share your experience with us!

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