Self Love

Lifes Reflection

`Her Reflection…

What is it that she sees?

Dark rings of endless nights

Tear stains of angry moments that cannot be undone

Slumped in defeat by love’s exhaustion

She sighs…

Dimples, and pimples, and wrinkles alike.

The lines of life been born, like a forest of marks,

stretch across her body with roots entwined.

Youth forever gone…

Moments of doubt creep slowly in,

threatening all the time to break her resolve.

Left with only a slight and faint reflection,

of faith and purpose, and dreams once clear and bright.

Then two little eyes look up…

look deep into her soul,

stretched wide in wonder and love.

Arms outstretched too!

Warmth, belonging and safety lie here within.

What has she done?

Her Reflection…

What does she see?

The dimples, and pimples, and wrinkles alike,

the lines stretched out, the map of life,

now smile back at her in those little eyes.

Her reflection is her,

her reflection is him,

her reflection is life…

and it is beautiful!’


With Love

One Messy Mama




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