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To Laugh or Not to Laugh

Sometimes us parents can be so grumpy, pre-occupied and downright boring. We have so many “grown-up responsibilities” going on that sometimes we just forget to relax, laugh a little and have fun!

I was busy in the kitchen the other day, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I heard this burst of laughter. It was one of those from-the-belly kind of laughs that was so real it could only make those that heard laugh too; it was an infectious laugh.

My kids were watching something as simple as two Paw Patrol dogs on TV playing Tug-of-War. These two dogs pulling each other to and fro caused 3 little kids to roll with laughter. I found myself stopping, and smiling at the wonderful simplicity of it all. In front of me was the most beautiful sound. I just wanted to close my eyes and bask in it.

It was so infectious that I started giggling. I thought to myself if only we as “big people” could remind ourselves to laugh a little more. To stop and really engage in our children’s laughter. How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy such an innocent sound. A real sound, a sound that has not been affected by the world.

It made me realize that (even though we do laugh together often) I really want to make laughter a daily occurrence in my house. Not just once a day, but all through the day. Silly, loud, raucous, snorting laughter.

After all, a laughing family is a happy one… Not so?


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