“Kidioke Media LLC sells and ships custom children’s sound books and has created an iPad / iPhone app for iOS. Kidioke has created these products with the hopes of getting the songs of “yester year” into the minds and hearts of children today. We have put a heavy focus on nostalgia and on harnessing history’s great artist’s works by taking the literal translation of their songs. We do our best to utilize songs that tell a story and pride ourselves on putting those literal translations into print and animation”.

“Kidioke was created to have the parent and child interact in a way at bedtime never thought possible. We took great consideration developing our products not only for the child but with the parent’s interest in mind as well. We have selected timeless songs that many parents truly enjoy singing and actually have a strong desire to pass that love down to the next generation”.

“We believe in the notion that the greatest way to forge bonds and help teach is to excite both the child and parent simultaneously. This is what Kidioke strives to do in every book and app they create. Our products are geared at helping children learn to read, to sing, timing, beat, tempo, and rhythm. It even helps children learn to count with a unique timing mechanism built into the books that count up as the song progresses”.

Our children absolutely loved their Kidioke book featuring Billy Joel’s Lullabye “Goodnight, my Angel”. It is such a beautiful and calming song, and the words are just beautiful!

The book is sturdy and durable (which is great for our 2 yo), the illustrations are colourful and vibrant. Our children were transfixed.

Kidioke was even featured on The View.

I would highly suggest you take a peek :)

You can find Kidioke Books here…





Jacqui Bester

Disclaimer – One Messy Mama was asked for a review in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.