Michael Hill Review – Every mama deserves a little bling, don’t you think? So, there was this one morning, OK, maybe it’s not one, but a few… When I felt a little like this!


By 10 am the kids are off to school, little daisy is taking her nap. I still have my pj’s on, make about my 6th cup of coffee, and finally, sit down in peace and quiet to read through the massive amount of emails before me.

Scroll down, delete, repeat. Then I come across an email that piques my interest. Cue the big grin. I continue reading and the grin grows wider. After the first few lines, I think: “What a sweet sweet lady! I like her already!” Her email goes a little like this.

Hi Jacqui

I’m from Michael Hill Jewelers. I came across your blog and really LOVE your content. I can only imagine how rushed and busy life must be with 4 little ones. Mothers so often don’t find the time to relax and spoil themselves. So we would like to do that for you!

HUH? My mood suddenly shifted to this.


Firstly, what a personal touch to the email. Now that says a lot about this company! And just to add, every email after that was filled with friendliness. Not just business.

So, who is Sir Michael Hill? Good question, because I didn’t know either… So I did a little research.

“Sir Michael was appointed a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2011 New Year Honours list for services to business and the arts. He started out as an aspiring musician and watchmaker, following generations of watchmakers before him. This passion for creativity in all its forms inspired him to found Michael Hill Jeweller. He opened seven stores in seven years, then set his sights on 70 more in the following seven years. Today Michael Hill Jeweller, of which he is Chairman, has over 270 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA, and the aim is to operate 1,000 stores by 2022. He has received numerous business awards and is renowned as a speaker, author, and teacher on how to succeed in business, and in life”

I was asked to visit their website and choose a gift – which I did with all the zealous glee of a kid let loose in the candy aisle. I’ll admit, I was super excited for my parcel to arrive, and it did not disappoint.  Every Mama Deserves a Little Bling - Michael Hill Review


Every Mama Deserves a Little Bling - Michael Hill Review

HOW gorgeous is this watch!? I fell in love straight away! What’s better is that each timepiece is backed by an international 3-year guarantee and comes with a free battery replacement for the life of the watch… Now that is impressive service in a world where manufacturers are quite comfortable with selling products that are expected to have only a limited lifespan.

I loved it so much, I took it with me to South Africa (yes, I did show off a little), every mama needs a little bling to show off every now and then RIGHT? It was a great feeling spoilt.



This beautiful piece keeps it classic.  Featuring a bold, multi-function dial including day, date, and 24-hour indicators, and with a water resistance of up to 50m.

Absolutely timeless.

I really love their motto too- “We’re for Love” – making jewelry that makes women around the globe shine. At Michael Hill, we believe jewelry is a mark of love. It says someone loves you, even if that someone is yourself. But it’s not just for women, they have an exquisite men’s section as well AND they have free delivery!  Do take a peep! You won’t be disappointed!

For more information on Michael Hill Jewelers (which obviously cater to every desire) visit: Facebook, InstagramMichael Hill Blog, and their Online Store.

Go on, you know you want to!