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Easter Sundays

Easter is a very special time for my family! It is a time where we are reminded of all our blessings.

For me, that is my family!

Every year at Easter we come home from church, the children are eager to begin their Easter egg hunt, and then we sit down to a large lunch. A roast lamb and all the trimmings. This year it’s a little different. All our family are back in South Africa. It is at times like these that we are more mindful of the people we love and care for, those that might not be with us anymore or those that might live far away. Whatever the case, as we are reminded of the love that God had for us, we can in the same sense remind those that we love how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

I decided to start a new tradition, new adventures call for new beginnings. I was watching “The Kitchen” (my all time favorite cooking show) and I saw the hosts make this cute little bunny cake. And there it was… Our family’s new tradition is to make a bunny cake. I’m sure there are a few giggles going around. But this bunny cake represents a new season for my family. Our first Easter away from home and a delicious bite for the kids to enjoy… I’ll probably be sending a few photos of cake smeared faces to friends and family back home.

So here it is, my reproduction of The Food Networks – The Kitchen – Easter Bunny Cake..

May you all have a blessed Easter with those that you hold dear!


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