I just got back from an out-of-country-vacation with my 21-month-old… And it got me thinking back to when we took that first long flight to the USA, just over a year ago, with our 4 kids. Trying to keep them entertained on a 17-hour flight was enough to drive any parent insane.

I remember we bought these super expensive headphones (that were meant to be comfortable and stay on their heads)… well… That didn’t work! Instead, they became a thorn in our sides, trying to fix these things every couple of minutes.

I wish I had known then about CozyPhones. It would have made our trip much more pleasant. They are so cute, with different designs, but most of all they are SUPER comfortable and STAY on.

I mean, look at these, particularly the Unicorn, my daughter would freak out for that one!


Cozyphones is a small family-owned business that strives to give only the best to its customers. Watch this.

What’s great about this product is that it isn’t just geared towards kids. Cozyphones also offers Sleepwear Headphones and Active Headphones. Their products are durable, lightweight with ultra-thin speakers that don’t prod and poke. And can be used with all your favourite devices.


Sleepwear Headphones with pouch.


Activewear Headphones

I seriously love the fact that they are soft, durable and comfortable. The activewear doubles as a headband (which caught my eye instantly).

I was super pleased with our Cozyphones Headphones. So much so, that I sent them to school to be used when the boys work on their Ipads. Great for any age, especially little ones that tend to be so busy that conventional headphones just fall off!


I would definitely suggest you head over to their website and take a look.  You can find Cozyphones via :

Facebook , Twitter and Amazon or visit www.cozyphones.com

Happy Shopping.

Jacqui Bester