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Bloggers EtiquetteWhat follows is a word on etiquette to those who read and write in the great big world of blogging. Of course I’ve only been in the “Blogger-sphere” a short while. 2 Months, to be exact! But these are some of my initial findings!

When you start blogging, you realize that every “Tom, Dick and Harry” blogs as well 🙂 In all honesty, I was a rank rookie when I started blogging (I hadn’t even followed other bloggers before deciding to start my own – I had pretty much zero exposure to blogging). So I had no clue how to begin. I watched endless hours of YouTube videos, and there were  shouts of joy when I finally managed to figure something out.

It takes a lot of time and effort to run a successful blog. Many bloggers earn their income and support their families through their blogs (that’s not my reason for blogging though, so thankfully I don’t have that added pressure). I have come to see during this time, that there is a camaraderie between bloggers, a family of mothers (in the genre that I write) that put their experiences – sometimes quite raw, painful and vulnerable – out there for other moms to take courage and comfort and sometimes just simple comic relief from.

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And yes, sometimes you want to read what some people write and sometimes it doesn’t really fit your style. And that’s OK! But there are a few ways that we can encourage and uplift each other… and, by the way, (you don’t need to be a blogger to do this). After all, if it wasn’t for some blogs, many of us wouldn’t find the information we need.

I have learn’t the importance of hitting the ‘Like’ button once I’ve read a post that I enjoyed… trust me, it may seem a little obvious, but bloggers write their posts for others to read and that one little action of hitting ‘Like’ serves as affirmation that what they are doing is meaningful. Also, if you have the time, leave a comment. It’s always encouraging for the blogger if the reader leaves a comment. Now… This comment is your opinion, you can disagree with what has been written, and express that in a constructive way, or you can “whoop whoop” at how much you LOVED the post! It’s always good to hear what a reader thinks!

And then there is the Share The Love button. This is how other readers get to experience what you just have. Whether the post was just simply enjoyed, or if it was chugged down like a mug of cold coffee because you were desperate for a caffeine fix, sharing someone’s writing is the kind thing to do.

Lastly, it’s always great when you have guest bloggers to write for your blog. They offer something new and fresh. If you as a blogger agree to write for another blog, the right thing to do, the respectful thing to do, is to become a team and write an awesome post!

So, that’s the reason behind me writing this post. I write because I enjoy it. Because its a journal for my children to one day read, and be reminded of their cute (and sometimes NOT so cute) antics. It’s personal, it’s real, and it’s my way of becoming a little more vulnerable. That’s why this blog is portrayed as The Honest Mom Blog. 

To Blog

Thank you to every reader of my blog… those who hit ‘Like’, those who comment and share the posts, and those who just browse – all of you – thank you! Thank you so very much to the guest bloggers who are sharing their time, insight and creative writing talents with me this month. And all those who have offered me encouragement advice and guidance in these first few months. I appreciate you all!

With love

One Messy Mama




  • Morgan Prince

    Well done to you for sticking with it! I love blogging, and have been doing it for over four years now. It’s always lovely to get a comment or a share from someone and it makes my day to know I’ve helped someone in some way. Great post. 🙂
    Stopping by from #brilliantblogposts

  • mummuddlingthrough

    This post takes me back to my first few months when I was getting to grips with the ‘done things’ (and the definitely not done things!) in the blogging world. You are so right that a little like goes a very long way…I have (obviously) liked this post!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  • twotinyhands

    Blogging is definitely fun! I love reading other people’s blogs and I love getting new comments! I can’t quite believe people read our blogs! I’m loving writing and everything that goes with it! I’m trying to get my life balance right with it too though!! }abrandnewday

    • jaxbest4

      I know right! I am amazed that people would want to read what I say. It is so uplifting. Blogging makes me think a little deeper about how I parent. It’s been great! x

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