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2016 Spring Collection – “Little-She’s”

2016 Spring CollectionEverything about Spring screams of a fresh new season. It’s all about getting outdoors and enjoying the bright colors and gorgeous flowers that we are so eager to see after a long winter.  

It’s also a season when you suddenly realize that your children seem to have grown out of all their clothes. When did that happen? So, t’is the season to freshen up their wardrobes with some cute girly clothes. I confess: I love dressing my girls up in angelic dresses and the like, but there are days (many of them) when their tomboy side comes out to play and “hardier” clothes are needed.

I’ve put together a gallery of some of my favorite items for this season. (Cue the shreeks… I am so looking forward to going shopping!

Every girl needs a few gorgeous dresses to twirl. These are so adorable!

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When a girl needs to climb a tree there’s no stopping her, you still want her to look feminine though! Some of these can be versatile when playing outdoors, but the skirt jumpers are more for a day out at the park and can be paired with some cute leggings!


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Those hot days are about to hit, nothing beats jumping into some cool water. I just love these different designs from a 2-piece to long sleeve vests. The designs are so sweet!


[metaslider id=567]


Now… I am a shoe girl. I could spend ages in  a shoe store. A girl needs at least one in every style… In my opinion 🙂 I have included Rain Boots… A must have !!


[metaslider id=568]


I must admit, being new to the States I don’t yet have the insider knowledge of all the clothing stores available. So all these items are from Oshkosh and Carters. Online shopping for me is sometimes the only option. They have great new arrivals, as well as awesome clearance items at a fraction of the normal price!

I hope you enjoyed my Spring Collection for the Little She’s 🙂

With love

One Messy Mama


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