The Pee Files #2

The Pee Files #2Seriously!!!

Are you kidding me?… Sometimes I wish I could climb into the head of a boy/man, so that I could REALLY understand how they are “put together”.


This literally just happened (as I look back now I can manage a giggle, but in the moment I just wanted to escape to “The Crazy Farm” – a place I used to tell my students I visited when I needed a time out):

It had been such a good day up to this point, no snags or tantrums, really just an enjoyable day. Then came nap-time, so I sent the kids upstairs to go to the bathroom before they get into bed. I was busy with the baby, getting her ready for bed, and then out the corner of my eye I catch a shadow, and I hear a noise in the bathroom.

“That’s strange!?” I think to myself… “The light is off, so what is that noise?” I walk in, quite rushed because the baby is starting to get a little edgy, and I whip on the light… lo and behold, there is my beautiful boy (and yes, I say ‘beautiful’ because my level of annoyance is sky-high and I need to remind myself)Β having a wee…Β WITH THE LIGHTS OFF!!!!!!!

I hope you can picture the shock on his face at being caught. And the utter confusion on my face, as I try to imagine why in world he would try to aim straight in the dark when he can hardly manage that in bright light with adult supervision… And the events that followed…

I’m just glad I didn’t have to clean it! I think the look on my face told him clearly what needed to be done, so he quickly grabbed some paper towels and started wiping up.

Boys… REALLY??

Right now, the house is quiet and this Mama is having a cup of tea… (insert sigh here)… The joys of raising boys!

With love

One Messy Mama




7 Comments on “The Pee Files #2”

  1. The struggle is real!

    The best is when I finally get to shake the water off my lilly because I’ve been pinching all day and by this time if mamma doesn’t go there’s going to be a flood!

    Anyway, I settle on my porcelain throne just to have my relief hindered by a puddle left on the seat……. Enter screaming banshee mamma!!! Lift the seat when you tinkle because you sprinkle mini man of mine!


  2. Hehehe!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š Welldone Momma! Im amazed how a child can read a Moms face and/or eyes when they realise they’ve done wrong! Miss you all!! Stay blessed!

  3. My eldest boy is feeling the ‘peeing outdoors’ at the minutes. I swear when his feet hit the grass outside its as if something in his brain says ‘right whip it out and just peep bit embarrassing xx argh boys ay x

    1. Boys are the great fun hey! πŸ˜‚ Mine did exactly the same! Went one step further and stripped off their clothes to run around naked πŸ˜€ Enjoy!

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