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Modeling Healthy Habits – Laura Boycourt – Guest Post

This week, One Messy Mama is kicking off our Guest Bloggers From Around the Globe line up with Laura Boycourt, We Don’t Do Decaf.  A freelance writer from the USA, and mother of 2 beautiful little girls.  Modeling and Encouraging Healthy Habits, and a Healthy Self-Image, for Kids: A Parents’ How-To Let’s face it; being a kid is tough business. Whether we’re… Read more »

Tattooed Mom

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When I was 18, I decided to get a tattoo. I know that, in some circles, the issue of tattoo’s are still a “taboo” subject of conversation. I also understand that people have their own opinions (as do I), and that these can be quite fervent when it comes to the question of whether tattoo’s are ok. This is a… Read more »