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Global Blogging #20

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Welcome back to #globalblogging This week we got to celebrate these two gorgeous boys birthday’s. I cannot believe how they have grown, they are almost as tall as me!!! … Insert Obsessed Mommy Emoticon 🙂 Once again, we have amazing bloggers from all over the world!!!  I seriously love adding countries to our list! PORTUGAL/UK/USA/IRELAND/SOUTH AFRICA/SCOTLAND/GERMANY/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/EU-SLOVINIA/ GUATEMALA/MALTA/KENYA/THAILAND If you are… Read more »

Because Each Little Princess is Unique – D. Liles Collection

Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go! That’s exactly what Daria from the D.Liles Collection has created. “The journey of D. Liles Collection began from my love of vintage, French-inspired clothing and all things girly. My brand is about beautiful fabrics, unique designs and careful attention to detail that together create feminine and gorgeous designs for girls. My goal is to… Read more »

Kidioke – Lullabye … Review

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“Kidioke Media LLC sells and ships custom children’s sound books and has created an iPad / iPhone app for iOS. Kidioke has created these products with the hopes of getting the songs of “yester year” into the minds and hearts of children today. We have put a heavy focus on nostalgia and on harnessing history’s great artist’s works by taking… Read more »

Arty Apple Bespoke & Personlised Crafts – Review

Arty Apple ‘Specialising in bespoke, personalized gifts and nursery decor that are affordable, good quality and most importantly designed to suit each and every little one that I make them for. Everything is lovingly made by hand and can be created to suit particular color schemes, nursery and bedroom themes or to match to favorite things. Made with the same… Read more »

Little Tikes – Product Review

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There is nothing more daunting than 4 months of snow. Trying to figure out creative ways to occupy children is enough to cause any mother to hide in her closet, while her minions release their pent up energy and destroy the home! Luckily for me Bettertoyz sent this mama some much needed time (sanity) savers by Little Tikes. We actually love… Read more »

Children Make Christmas Magical – Book Review – The Night Before Christmas.

There is something quite wonderful about sharing Christmas with children! The unbridled excitement, the genuine belief in all things magical, the pure joy at every opened gift… watching children celebrate and enjoy Christmas is nothing short of spectacular! Their sense of awe and wonderment! Of innocent belief in something far greater than ourselves! Sure, Christmas has always been a special holiday for… Read more »

Not Only a Guilt Free Sanity Saver- KidloLand – Review

As a parent I often find myself overwhelmed by the amount of technology that my kids are exposed to. Seriously, when I was a kid I didn’t even know where to switch on the TV (because I hardly ever watched it), but my kids seem to know how to use “voice-activated” remote controls (who are these little tech-geniuses running around… Read more »

Are You a MOMCHO?

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Say what? What is a MOMCHO you ask? I’m almost positive that if you stop and think about it, you’ll realise that you know many MOMCHO’s. A MOMCHO is a mom who manages to overcome the daily challenges of mom-hood through a special combination of superpowers and super-prowess. Despite all odds, a MOMCHO might figure out how to get her… Read more »

Dealing with Skin Conditions – Sebamed – Review

There are certain times during the year when my frustration levels rise for no other reason than simply what season it happens to be. You know what seasons I’m talking about… The gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows of Fall; and the splendid bursts of pink, blue and white during Spring, are tempered by those dreaded allergies and skin conditions that… Read more »

Every Mama Deserves a Little Bling – Michael Hill Review

So, there was this one morning, OK, maybe its not one, but a few… When I felt a little like this! By 10 am the kids are off to school, little daisy is taking her nap. I still have my pj’s on, make about my 6th cup of coffee, and finally sit down in peace and quiet to read through the… Read more »