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It’s the small things..

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I know… I know… I’ve been a little slow in posting since I’ve returned from my time in SA. And I could probably come up with some excuses for why; like the fact that I hate unpacking after a trip – so every day I wade myself a little deeper into the bags that I brought back; or that family… Read more »

For the NOT so SKINNY mom.

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Here I am, sitting with a cup of coffee at 4am (because that’s what moms do, right?). Not because of kids, this time. Just silly old insomnia. So, to keep my mind off the fact that my lack of sleep will come back to bite me in the ass at some point during a rather hectic day that lies ahead,… Read more »

Summer Boredom Buster 2 – WATER

There is nothing more exciting in Summer than water. After our first winter here in Michigan. We were so EAGER (an understatement) to get out of the house! Coming from South Africa, where the weather is almost always sunny, we are so used to getting out and enjoying the sun. Our first winter was a little difficult for us, but… Read more »

Summer Boredom Buster 1 – Egg-cellent Herbs

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Well… Summer is just around the corner, and – while some folks are getting their bodies in shape for the beach, or updating their wardrobes, or making plans for an extended break from the usual routines of life – for me this means 2 months of holiday time with the kids (mostly at home)… What to do? What to do?… Read more »

Getting Down & Dirty

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Living in today’s “tech-savvy”, germ-a-phobic world. I find that children are spending less and less time outdoors. Understanding technology and taking care of oneself is incredibly vital, however, there is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable for a child (some children – let’s not forget that some ailments prevent many children from enjoying this experience) than getting down and dirty.  In… Read more »