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5 Steps To Protect Your Gifted Child From Being Bullied – Guest Post

Gifted children are at greater risk for being bullied simply because they stand out from their peers. Many of the same attributes that make gifted learners so unique are also the same ones that bullies use to pick a child out of the crowd. For example, a gifted child might struggle with anxiety or enjoy a hobby that the bullies… Read more »

Why I Always Cry When Milestones Are Reached!

I sit here, on yet another monumental day, thinking to myself: how on earth do we parents process all the emotions that pump through our veins? The bewildering mix of great pride when something new is learnt, terrible fear about an uncertain future, blood-curdling anger at bad behaviour, unbridled joy when we hear our children laugh and so many other… Read more »

Yes, I’m talking to You, unfriendly Mom.

Some parents just baffle me.             Yes, I have friendly kids. And if you can’t deal with that, quite frankly, that’s your loss! You see, I’m trying to raise good human beings here. So yes, I’ve taught my kids to greet adults, because it’s respectful to do. I’ve taught them to include other kids in… Read more »