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Muddy Puddles – Peppa Pig Style

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This week has been a most welcome reprieve from the heat we’ve had lately. It’s been raining on and off for the last few days. But along with the reprieve comes the unfortunate reality that a mom can only do so much to keep her kids entertained indoors… Boredom will hit!!! So, today I had one of those all-too-rare light-bulb… Read more »

When teething & drooling strike – Ikkletots Bibs Review

My gorgeous little Daisy is almost 20 months old. I cannot believe how she has grown. I am pleased to say that her last incisors are out, but  wow, this kid can drool. It was seriously my first experience with a drooling teether. She lives in her bibs. And boy was it fun! So imagine my delight when I was… Read more »

Summer Boredom Buster 1 – Egg-cellent Herbs

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Well… Summer is just around the corner, and – while some folks are getting their bodies in shape for the beach, or updating their wardrobes, or making plans for an extended break from the usual routines of life – for me this means 2 months of holiday time with the kids (mostly at home)… What to do? What to do?… Read more »