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To The Woman Who Feels Unappreciated – Letters of Lace

In my new series, entitled: “Letters of Lace“, I will be touching on themes and topics that explore some of the more desperate things we women struggle with. Difficult and dark experiences that drain every last ounce of our strength, and leave us feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and misunderstood. My aim is to write to the “Woman” who is experiencing this… Read more »

Dear Teacher!

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You wave good-bye, smile, and give a quick nod in encouragement. Looking at the face of this nervous, anxious child doing their best to be brave. There might even be a tear shed, from all parties involved. You force yourself to ignore that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach, to go give one more hug, and you turn… Read more »

Taking a Fresh Look at Yourself. The MotherLOAD #2

A few days ago I wrote a post called the MotherLOAD. In this post I spoke about how often we are so busy being wife, mother, friend, parent, career woman, and so on, that we may forget who WE are. Sometimes, our dreams and aspirations get put aside so we can fulfill a very important role. And that’s OK… SOMETIMES!