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5 Steps To Protect Your Gifted Child From Being Bullied – Guest Post

Gifted children are at greater risk for being bullied simply because they stand out from their peers. Many of the same attributes that make gifted learners so unique are also the same ones that bullies use to pick a child out of the crowd. For example, a gifted child might struggle with anxiety or enjoy a hobby that the bullies… Read more »

Magic Desktop is MAGIC! – Review

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In today’s day and age we hear the most frightening things about what children can get up to, or be exposed to, when  they use the internet. The statistics of cyber bullying from peers are horrific, the things they might view while browsing are more scary than a Stephen King film, and that’s not even to mention the many children… Read more »

Poor Little Caillou!

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I had never even heard of Caillou before moving to the US. My first interaction with him was with my 3 year old, watching him on TV, a few weeks before Christmas… OK, I’ll admit it, the theme song is quite catchy, and I sometimes find myself singing it in the shower, just as I do Barney, PJ Masks, etc,… Read more »