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Tech Free Road Trip Hacks

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A few months ago we decided to take a road trip across 8 States. Not only was it a great way to see the country we had moved to, but it was also a great way to unplug from our daily responsibilities and spend some time together as a family. (Something we had not done in a while) We decided… Read more »

How Sound Affects Our Children – Guest Post – Sarah Jones

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Today’s guest post is written by Sarah Jones. who is the Editor of Headphone Selection. She loves all sound technology and firmly believes in the power of positive music. How Sound Can Affect Young Children Sound is fascinating to young children and it can have both positive and negative effects on them and their development. While it is important to… Read more »

Summer Boredom Buster 2 – WATER

There is nothing more exciting in Summer than water. After our first winter here in Michigan. We were so EAGER (an understatement) to get out of the house! Coming from South Africa, where the weather is almost always sunny, we are so used to getting out and enjoying the sun. Our first winter was a little difficult for us, but… Read more »

5 Great Outdoor Activities that Encourage us to Play with Our Kids

When we were still living in South Africa, I bought a life-saving book, written by Dawn Isaac, titled “101 Things For Kids To Do Outside“. Not only did this book offer us ideas for hours of fun and constructive activities, it also saved my life (read sanity) during those LONG holidays. Now we’re in the twilight of our first Michigan… Read more »