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Raising kids is hard enough as it is, throw in peers, technology, basically the entire 21st century, and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. I’m quite happy to accept all the help I can get! And I’ve recently received help from a wonderful book that was sent my way…

There are some very interesting guidelines in the book How To Raise Great Kids – by Jim Gromer. For the purpose of this review, I am going to highlight just a few.


“Starting today and every day moving forward, allow your kids to tell you anything at any time without getting into trouble.” Jim explains that by allowing our children the space to tell us anything without repercussions builds a relationship of trust, and allows our children to feel comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics.

The Cardboard Box

“One of the greatest toys you can give a small child is a large cardboard box. The bigger the better!” As parents, we spend thousands buying our children the latest gadgets. Why? Finding ways to allow our children the freedom to explore their creativity and grow their imagination whilst having oodles of fun is more productive, creates a stronger vocabulary and makes space for problem-solving… and it’s way cheaper!!

What They Get Away With

“The dirty little secret is that all of our kids do whatever they get away with (example: if your child yells at your spouse and doesn’t get reprimanded/punished, they’ll keep doing it).” This point really made an impact on me. We are the ones who shape our children’s behavior. Whatever we allow our children to get away with becomes the norm for them. It becomes acceptable. So we need to watch how our children speak, act, and even eat; and guide them to behavior that is acceptable.

Life Isn’t Fair

“The cold hard fact is that life isn’t fair at all. Folks who are smarter, work harder and network better than others tend to be more successful. Confidence, education, and upbringing all factor into how far your offspring will go”. I think this is a particularly difficult one for parents to deal with. We obviously want our children to have all that we can give them, however, we are actually doing them a disservice. We need to teach our children how to accept and deal with failure. How they are not always going to get what they want, but that this should never stop them from striving to reach that goal.

Attitude is Everything

What is the most important truth we can teach our kids? That attitude is everything. There are times that our children are going to deal with tough situations, it is our responsibility to teach them that they control how it affects them. That life becomes more manageable when we tackle it with a positive attitude!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jim’s book How to Raise Great Kids – 101 Fun & Easy Ideas. I have only mentioned a few of my favourite points – there are many, many more. I found it easy to read, with easy applications that could be implemented immediately!

You can find “How To Raise Great Kids” here:

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Disclaimer – One Messy Mama was asked for a review in return for a copy of How To Raise Great Kids. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Great tips. Most especially on teaching them to accept failure, it’s not gonna always go their way so if they’re always told they are ‘the best’ there’ll be a major blow to that little ego when they do fall short in something. A tough lesson, but worth getting ahead of.

  2. I’m trying to teach my daughter about ‘tone’ at the moment. It’s very difficult to explain why the same words said in a different way means something different, gah, being Mom is tough! #GlobalBlogging

  3. Very true! I gave my 5 yo the card board box that Dad’s new TV came in. She asked that I cut a door and it became her and her cousins’ favourite toy for weeks. They played house, drew house things on the inside (like lamps, portraits and furniture) and just had fun for hours! It took up half my lounge and there was forever toys inside, but just listening to them play was worth stepping on Barbie shoes and giving up some space. #globalblogging

  4. Well, I should have known about this book earlier! Junior is getting 12 this year and we are starting the teen-time…..
    But this book is really interesting. Thank you for your review 😉 #globalblogging

  5. Sounds a really good read.Will keep a look out for it.It’s so easy to get caught up with day to day easy parenting and lose sight of the bigger picture.#globalblogging

  6. Your “freebie” point reminded me of a girl that I knew growing up. In high school, her parents told her that if she ever went to a party and needed a ride home – for any reason – that they would come and get her (and park a few houses down). No questions asked, no consequences. While I have mixed feelings about that now that I’m a mom, overall, I see huge value in doing this. This girl would absolutely never never never get in the car with anyone who had ANYTHING to drink. Goal accomplished! #globalblogging

  7. I remember when my parents got a new washing machine and we made a den out of the cardboard box. It was the coolest thing ever and we played in it until it fell apart! Some good points keep in mind here. #GlobalBlogging

  8. What a really interesting post. I haven’t heads of this book before but am intrigued to find out more. I am currently reading “The Happiest Kids I’m The World – Bringing up children the Dutch Way” which is fascinating.
    #global blogging

  9. Some valuable insights here, I particularly like the one about learning that life isn’t fair and not succeeding sometimes is part of the norm – oh and the one on attitude of course! #globablblogging

  10. This is such a nice read. I cannot emphasise enough about attitude. It is indeed vital and as our children grow, teaching them the importance of it will go a long way

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