When teething & drooling strike – Ikkletots Bibs Review

My gorgeous little Daisy is almost 20 months old. I cannot believe how she has grown. I am pleased to say that her last incisors are out, but  wow, this kid can drool. It was seriously my first experience with a drooling teether. She lives in her bibs. And boy was it fun!


So imagine my delight when I was contacted by Ann Redgewell of Ikkletots  and asked to do a review about their range of Unisex and NEWLY (as in this last week) released Girl range of Bandanna bibs. Ann is a mother and grandmother who decided to pursue her dreams as an online businesswoman. (Good for you Ann!)

These are her products!


Bib 4Bib 3

Bib 2Bib 1

I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first… To the touch the material did not seem that waterproof, especially not waterproof enough for my little water-works drooler, but nonetheless I put the bib on and we left for dinner at a local restaurant. True to form, Daisy refused to do anything less than her siblings and proceeded to drink from a straw cup, covering herself in Strawberry Lemonade. “Here we go” I thought. She is sopping wet. But as I went to clean her, you guessed it. She was utterly dry… Except for the bib, of course. So there you have it, great for drooling AND messy eaters!

It sure did it’s job. I was SUPER impressed at how waterproof the bibs are. It surrounds the entire neck with this soft, comfy material and not one little drop slipped through!

I love the fact that the bibs have adjustable snaps. The unisex range offers two sizes and the girl range has three! This is fantastic because it means you can stick with these bibs from when your little ones are but 3 months old, all the way through to toddler-hood. And simply adjust for size, or just extra strength!  The functional patterns are simple, yet fun and vibrant. And can be easily matched with any item of clothing from your child’s wardrobe.

They are made from 100% cotton knit on the front, and a soft fleece on the back. No harmful chemicals!!! PERFECT! After one wash they still look great, the color did not run, the material did not stretch or change shape.


Girls Bibs

 Just look at how CUTE these baby girl bibs are. I am in love with them. So happy they aren’t covered in little cartoon characters! Which makes them so much more “matchable” with different outfits. I think these are striking and elegant for sure!

 Ann was telling me that when her children were younger, she never used the world little, but always said “ikkle”, “Just an Ikkle bit more”. Hence the name “Ikkletots”. I thought this was the sweetest thing to hear. It gives the product a “homey” feeling and connects it to a real family story, not some corporate slogan.

BIBS 2 (1)

I really enjoyed receiving these bibs, can you imagine how adorable it would be, to see them in the colours of the latest fashion palette! My only criticism would be that I am not 100% taken by the yellow bib, maybe a light blue/red would have been better. But you can probably sense that I’m stretching for something critical here… These bibs are simply fantastic!

You can find Ikkletots on Amazon via the following links.





Or visit their Facebook Page

I Love Baby Bandanna Bibs – Ikkletots

With Love

One Messy Mama


One Messy Mama received no payment for this review. Ikkletots Bandanna Bibs are only available in the USA. All opinions are my own. Daisy does get to enjoy these gorgeous little bibs though. 🙂

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  1. Thank you Jacqui for your unbiased review of my Bandana Bibs by ikkletots.
    Just loved your blog from the moment I accidentally came across it and was delighted you accepted my request for you to review both sets of my bibs.

    I never take it for granted that I am always going to get a positive review, and just want people to be honest when testing them, but I do believe in my bibs, the quality and “it does what it says on the tin” product i know I have.
    Jacqui your blog is amazing for Moms everywhere. I am from the UK (even though I sell in the USA) and will keep tabs on all your latest blog posts now and in the future and pass the word on to all the many Moms I know who will reap great benefit from your amazing blog.

  2. Lovely review, the designs are so pretty! I will most certainly be having a look in a few months when the chompers begin to cut!!! Thanks! I love the pink with black spots but also LOVE the little paw prints!!!

  3. Those are cute bibs! I am always on the lookout for something like this since my little girl has cerebral palsy and drool is an ongoing thing. I also like that they have snaps. Do you know what ages they are good for? My daughter is two and a half. Thanks! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Hi Becky!! These are the cutest. They say the bibs are good until Toddlerhood. However the girls ones have 3 snaps so I think easily 3/4 years old. I’ve just tried one on my 4yo to check. On the second snap. There was more than enough neck room! XXX Thanks for reading.

  4. Ooooh, they’re gorgeous! They look really great quality just in the photos! I love the paw print and the panda faces ones, they were adorable! My boys are out of the drooling phase now, but these make fantastic gifts, especially something that has a much more personal touch than lots of the generic mass manufactured things! I wish Ikkletots every success with their business!
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  5. I love the designs in this range – super cute! I could have done with some of these when our little was teething! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

  6. What a beautiful little lady. I do not miss the dribble days…I love the designs of these and the fact they are not overly girly..I think weirdly the yellow one with the shoes is my fav! I think it is great that people start there own businesses for good quality products that have a lot of love put into them! Thank you for linking to #ablogginggoodtime x

  7. These bibs look fantastic, and I love that they don’t look like bibs! I think they would be great for my two-year-old as she makes such a mess eating soup (I usually put her in a painting overall!) , I think she would love the style and patterns. It IS possible to look stylish in a bib! #bigpinklink

  8. Lovely little bibs, thankfully I didn’t need bibs but kind of wish I did because the bandana style ones are adorable. We have a stash of bibs that were gifted to us but never used though! THanks for linking up to #ABrandNewDay

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