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Dealing with Skin Conditions – Sebamed – Review

There are certain times during the year when my frustration levels rise for no other reason than simply what season it happens to be. You know what seasons I’m talking about… The gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows of Fall; and the splendid bursts of pink, blue and white during Spring, are tempered by those dreaded allergies and skin conditions that… Read more »

Every Mama Deserves a Little Bling – Michael Hill Review

So, there was this one morning, OK, maybe its not one, but a few… When I felt a little like this! By 10 am the kids are off to school, little daisy is taking her nap. I still have my pj’s on, make about my 6th cup of coffee, and finally sit down in peace and quiet to read through the… Read more »

CozyPhones – Review

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I just got back from an out-of-country-vacation with my 21 month old… And it got me thinking back to when we took that first long flight to the USA, just over a year ago, with our 4 kids. Trying to keep them entertained on a 17 hour flight was enough to drive any parent insane. I remember we bought these… Read more »

Can You Find The Clues – Treasure Run – Review

Two weeks left until the school year starts…. We’re on the home-stretch and we’ve been running full steam ahead, trying to make it a fun and exciting Summer for the kids. And I’ll be honest… It’s been great! But 12 weeks is a heck of a long time to try and keep the kids occupied. So you can imagine my… Read more »

Magic Desktop is MAGIC! – Review

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In today’s day and age we hear the most frightening things about what children can get up to, or be exposed to, when  they use the internet. The statistics of cyber bullying from peers are horrific, the things they might view while browsing are more scary than a Stephen King film, and that’s not even to mention the many children… Read more »

Never a Bigger Klutz There Was! – FibreFix UV Repair Pen – Review

Now … I am telling you the gospel truth when I say that I am probably the biggest klutz that ever lived. I somehow manage to break, crack, bump and drop anything from kitchenware to my phone (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shattered my screen). Whenever the sound of something crashing to the floor echoes through the… Read more »

When teething & drooling strike – Ikkletots Bibs Review

My gorgeous little Daisy is almost 20 months old. I cannot believe how she has grown. I am pleased to say that her last incisors are out, but  wow, this kid can drool. It was seriously my first experience with a drooling teether. She lives in her bibs. And boy was it fun! So imagine my delight when I was… Read more »